Farming in Tough Times 2009

The SSCR Combinable and Energy Crops Committee held its biennial conference, in conjunction with SAC, SNH, SCRI and Crops/Farmers Weekly, on 17 February 2009.

Entitled ‘Farming in Tough Times’ the conference; held at the SNH Conference Centre, Battleby, Perthshire, featured the following speakers.

  • Challenges for Crop Production: A Global Perspective
    Peter Gregory, SCRI
  • Soil quality and minimum tillage
    Bruce Ball, SAC Edinburgh and Blair McKenzie, SCRI
  • Precision Farming and the potential to save costs
    Tommy Clark, Kerchesters, Kelso
  • Non Food Crop and Bioenergy Opportunities
    Elaine Booth, SAC Aberdeen
  • Optimising your inputs in 2009
    Keith Dawson, SAC
  • Exploiting diversity in cereal production
    Adrian Newton, SCRI

The abstracts from each of the speakers can be found below.