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SSCR supports the annual Arable Scotland, Fruit for the Future and Potatoes in Practice field events hosted and organised by The James Hutton Institute.

Mayan Gold potatoes
Mayan Gold potatoes

Welcome to SSCR

The Scottish Society for Crop Research functions through its crop sub-committees for combinable and energy crops, potatoes and soft fruit organising indoor and outdoor events to disseminate research findings and other information of relevance to their respective industries. Learn more about SSCR.

SSCR Annual General Meeting, 25th May 2022

Dear Member,

Hope you are well in these challenging times. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our SSCR AGM on the afternoon of 25th May. Our guest speaker is Dr Craig Simpson who will talk on the subject of Gene Editing and Plant Breeding. We also welcome our new Honorary Secretary Dr Joanne Russell as Dr Bill MacFarlane-Smith ends his long and distinguished stewardship of the Society. Bill has served the Society admirably and his wisdom and experience have served us well over the decades. Our grateful thanks are due to Bill for this hard work, much of which has not been visible to members but has been critical to the Society during his stewardship.

The Society is now entering its second century and it is timely to look forward to how we can best serve our Aims and our members going forward. Unfortunately, administration burden and audit costs in our current form have risen considerably and now comfortably exceed membership income.

To this end your Committee of Management agreed to set up a small working group of your Chair, Ian Ivory, Euan Grewar and Bill MacFarlane-Smith to examine the options, including the status quo. This is in order to minimise running costs and provide the lightest touch, lowest cost administration going forward into our second century. It was informed by Sarah Brown, charity legal expert of Mitchells WS, who produced an Options Paper and a recommendation agreed unanimously by the CoM to examine a move to SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation), a streamlined status now adopted by many smaller charities.

Our current Friendly Society Status, now more usual for insurance and other mutual companies rather than a small charity like SSCR, requires by law a duplication of oversight by both OSCR (the charity body) and the FCA. It also requires greater audit costs than other more modern charity vehicles such as SCIO. SCIO status reduces costs and administration paperwork, allowing more income to be spent on our Aims as a Society in funding research and knowledge transfer. SCIO status removes our current obligation for oversight by the FCA. Important due oversight by OSCR is maintained, but in a less costly and simpler form, thus reducing administration and paperwork considerably, whilst maintaining necessary protections.

To this end we are tabling a Special Decision for voting by members at the AGM, in person or by proxy, to proceed further with the process of adopting SCIO status, before returning to the members for a final vote at a special Extraordinary General Meeting in due course. This is the course recommended by the working group and the entire CoM bar one member and our legal counsel.

We attach further information on the Special Decision (PDF file, 129KB) and Explanatory Notes (PDF file, 161KB) for your consideration prior to the AGM.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM either in person or via our virtual option.

Warm regards,

Dr Keith Dawson (Chair SSCR); Dr W H Macfarlane Smith and Dr JR Russell (Honorary Secretary); Mr I E Ivory and Mr E Grewar

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The annual general meeting of SSCR will take place at the James Hutton Institute, Invergowrie DD2 5DA  at 2 pm on Wednesday 25th May 2022 and will be our first fa

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