Important Information - SSCR AGM 2020

Dear Member,

Normally, I would be writing to you to provide details of the Society’s AGM which is usually held at the end of May. You will be aware that, due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic of Covid-19, no gatherings which bring people into close proximity, are permitted.  In addition, final processing of the Society’s accounts has been delayed, again because of factors relating to Covid-19. Thirdly, because of delays to the Brexit process, it would not be appropriate to have our intended speaker and the proposed subject matter for this year’s SSCR Lecture. Accordingly, the AGM intended to take place towards the end of May, will not now take place.

It is the Chairman’s intention that the Society will hold an SGM later in the year, once the accounts have been seen, examined and approved for recommendation to the members. This will almost certainly take the form of some kind of video meeting.

As far as the Trustees, members of the Committee of Management and other officials are concerned, the Society has the flexibility to extend their period in office, and they have been asked if they will do so. An update on this will be issued shortly. For any who may be unable to extend their period of office, the Society has the power to co-opt replacements for a specified period, so long as their appointment is confirmed by the members at a future meeting.

It will be clear that the Society is unable to plan or announce any future events as long as the lockdown directive is in force. As soon as there are any significant changes to this, the Society will announce its plans for the future, as soon as this may be feasible.

I regret the lost opportunity to talk to so many of you in person which is usually offered by the AGM and other Society/Institute events. I hope that this situation will not continue for too long.

In the meantime, I hope that you are all managing to cope with the many pressures on you and your businesses. Above all, keep safe from all health problems. Nothing is more important than this.

Dr W H Macfarlane Smith – Honorary Secretary