SSCR Membership

The Scottish Society for Crop Research is a registered Friendly Society formed in 1981 by the amalgamation of the Scottish Society for Research in Plant Breeding and the Scottish Horticultural Research Association.

The Society provides a link between the now James Hutton Institute and farmers, processors and other interested bodies:

  • by organising field walks and meetings for the exchange of information
  • by financing science-based publications for the benefit of the membership
  • through the formation of crop-based sub-committees which maintain contact with members of specialised topics.

Membership costs £15 a year, payable each January by standing order, cheque or cash. Life membership is also available with a one-off payment of £150. Please note that both these memberships are for the individual and are non-transferable so if you leave an organisation, you effectively take your membership with you. Individual membership does not allow other colleagues to attend as a member. If an individual leaves an organisation that pays for their membership, the membership should be cancelled and a new application submitted.

Corporate membership rates are also available at £150 per annum which allows an organisation to send up to ten members of staff to various events, meetings etc and these names are interchangeable. We suggest that you appoint one contact person who could manage this membership for your organisation. Please see the link below or email us for details.

Please use the membership forms below when submitting your remittance.