SSCR Combinable Crops Winter meeting

Wednesday, 29 November 1pm to 4pm in the new seminar room at the james Hutton Institute, Dundee

Leg up for legumes

The importance of legumes to the Scotland sustainable production: talks and discussions

Invited talks by researchers from the Centre for Crop and Environmental Science at Harper Adams University in Shropshire and from Ecological Sciences at the James Hutton Institute.

Tamy Jithesh is a PhD student based at Harper Adams University aiming to improve the biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) in faba beans (Vicia faba L.). Dr Edward Dickin, also from Harper Adams University, will talk about the mixed intercropping with cereals and legumes we’re doing as part of CROPDIVA and the strip cropping polyculture using small autonomous vehicles we’re doing with the Hands Free Hectare/Farm. Dr Pete Ianetta who leads the Ecological Food Systems at the James Hutton Institute will describe new and emerging projects, including research on life cycle analysis of the Centre for Sustainable Cropping (CSC) at the institutes farm, and novel varieties. Professor Rob Brooker, who is head of Ecological Sciences depart at the James Hutton will present the findings of the SEAMs project (Sustainability in Education and Agriculture using Mixtures) which aims were to develop, promote and implement crop species mixtures as a sustainable crop production system for Scotland and as a resource for knowledge exchange on food production, agricultural ecology, and environmental sustainability to a wider audience including school groups.

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