SSCR Annual General Meeting 2023

The 2023 Annual General Meeting of Scottish Society for Crop Research (SSCR)

Friday 26 May in Invergowrie at 1:30pm coffee and 2pm start

New seminar Room at the James Hutton Institute, Invergowrie, Dundee

1.30pm: Registration at reception (parking available) Coffee and tea in the new seminar room


  1. Minute of the 2022 Annual General Meeting
  2. Adoption of the Minute
  3. Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2022
  4. Adoption of the accounts
  5. Chairman’s report
  6. Special decisions vote
  7. AOCB
  8. Talks

The meeting will be followed by presentations from our invited speaker, Kirsty Black, Master Distiller from Arbikie Highland Estate and describing their journey to reduce inputs and minimise their environmental impact, creating one of the world’s most sustainable distilleries. To complement this Mike Rivington and Mohamed Jabloun will describe their research on future climates and crops production in Scotland.

Arbikie Master Distiller, Dr Kirsty Black, distilled the world’s first climate-positive spirits as her PHD project. Nàdar Gin launched in 2020 following years of endeavour by Kirsty, Dr Pete Iannetta at the James Hutton Institute and Professor Graeme Walker at Abertay University. The Life Cycle Analysis to quantify Nàdar’s environmental impact was completed by Trinity College, Dublin and Bangor University.

Dr Mike Rivington is a senior scientist at the James Hutton Institute with over 23 years’ experience of research on land use systems, ecosystem services and climate change. Particular interest include the impacts of a changing climate on crops and land capability and Natural Capital. He is the Theme Lead for the Scottish Government’s Strategic Research Programme’s Theme C; Human Impacts on the Environment.

Dr Mohamed Jabloun is a researcher at the James Hutton Institute with a PhD in Agroecology, MSc and an engineering degree in crop production and irrigation management. He has a multidisciplinary background with expertise in spatial modelling of soil water processes, crop growth, and agrometeorology, in the context of climate change impacts and adaptation. He has interests in using crop modelling and earth observations to help shape better data-driven decisions to increase yield, profitability and optimize resource use while minimizing environmental impact.

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