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Free Living Nematode Molecular Diagnostic Workshop Wednesday 2 November 2016, 9am to 12.30pm, James Hutton Institute, Dundee

Register now to participate at a workshop led by Dr Roy Neilson of the James Hutton Institute.

New DNA based diagnostics launched through James Hutton Limited, provide a rapid and cost effective identification of the four most common Paratrichodorus and Trichodorus species in the UK, which are known to vector TRV.  Combined with an appropriate sampling strategy, this development offers growers an opportunity to generate a robust field map of the distribution of FLN species capable of transmitting TRV.  Read more about the diagnostic HERE
Workshop Timetable
9.00      Coffee
9.30      Welcome and Introductions
9.40      Introduction to Free Living Nematodes
10.00    Impacts of Free Living Nematodes
10.30    Coffee
10.50    Traditional Diagnostic vs Molecular Diagnostic
11.10    Sampling
11.30    Q&A
12.30    Optional Tour of the James Hutton Institute Site

Booking is free and places are limited.  
Book here or call 01382 568 568 for further information.