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2016 Soft Fruit Winter Meeting and Information Day - presentations now available to view

The Scottish Society for Crop Research (SSCR) and Bulrush Horticulture Ltd held their biennial joint Information Day and Soft Fruit Winter Meeting at the Inchture Hotel, Perthshire on 18 February 2016. The event was free and open to anyone in the soft fruit industry and other interested parties. It was very well attended with a total of 128 attendees, speakers and exhibitors. It was a long day with a lot of talks to get through but we were delighted to see that so many of you stayed for the entire day which demonstrates just how interesting and relevant all the presentations were.

The event got some very good press coverage with particular interest in the latest 'superberry' - the unusual but fascinating Honeyberry. Click here to find out more.


PDF File: Soft Fruit Info Day programme (144KB)


To view any of the presentations in pdf format, please click the links below:

PDF File: RHS Project 4 "What does responsible growing media look like?" (1.47MB)

PDF File: James Hutton Institute "Spotted Wing Drosophila" (1.34MB)

PDF File: SSCR Project "Thermal imaging" (2MB)

PDF File: James Hutton Institute "Blueberry developments ~ UK cherry model" (2.45MB)

PDF File: Omex Agriculture "New developments in nutrition" (3.7MB)

PDF File: East Malling Research "Strawberry breeding" (2.8MB)

PDF File: XL Horticulture "New developments in tunnel films" (1MB)

PDF File: SSCR Project "Feeding our foes" (2MB)

PDF File: James Hutton Ltd "Updates from the Raspberry Breeding Consortium" (1.75MB)

PDF File: SSCR Project "Above and belowground interactions in agro-ecosystems" (2.9MB)

PDF File: AHDB Horticulture "AHDB funded research in soft fruit" (7MB)

PDF File: Stewart Arbuckle "Honeyberry: the world's tastiest secret is now in Scotland" (4.7MB)